“Cheap might set you free,” says Salon’s review of ICWT

Laura Miller wrote a thoughtful review of ICWT for Salon.com. Here’s an excerpt, and here’s the complete review.

A good cup of tea is more precious to me than it is to Weber, as is the time it takes to find nice clothes in secondhand stores. Something tells me she doesn’t buy paper towels, either, but I could be wrong. If she does, I refuse to judge her. All we ask of the rest of you is that you get off our backs and take a moment to reflect. The money you spend on paper towels could buy you a latte. The money you spend on lattes could buy you a restaurant meal. The money you spend on restaurant meals could buy you a pair of designer shoes. And the money you spend on designer shoes, as one pop culture icon realized to her chagrin, could buy you an apartment. Now: Consider the possibility that cheap might set you free. And, for crying out loud, put on a sweater.